Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Cooking Videos for Beginners

Learning to cook can be confusing. We’ve assembled a collection of our favorite Gordon Ramsay cooking videos to help you get started.

There are so many resources online from food blogs to youtube channels that make it hard to find a good starting point.

We’ve got your back! Whether you aspire to be the next big celebrity chef, impress your partner, or wow your loved ones with your cooking skills.

Start with the first videos to cover basic cooking skills. Then check out some easy to make fan favorites like baking, burgers, and pasta!

1. Basic Cooking Skills (Part-1)

In this first video Chef Ramsay begins by teaching you 5 basic cooking skills you will need starting with how to cut an onion safely and efficiently. Second, you will learn how to cook basmati rice using a quick and easy recipe. Next, you will learn how to skin and debone a fish using the chef hacks from the master. Then you will learn how to properly sharpen a chef knife so you can avoid working in the kitchen with a blunt blade. Finally, you will learn how to cook the perfect pasta evenly.

2. Basic Cooking Skills (Part-2)

3. How to Cook With Spice

4. Guide to Slow Cooking

5. Guide to Cooking Fast Food

6. Guide to Baking

7. Gourmet Cooking On a Budget

9. Cooking Gourmet Burgers

10. Cooking Perfect Pasta

And there you have it! For more great Gordon Ramsay cooking videos be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel.